Hi, I'm Marcus

I'm just a guy with big dreams and a laptop. (Also a degree)


Connect 4 - Online


This project is the game of Connect 4 online.

It runs on NodeJS using an express server and Socket.io to communicate between players.

The game code is run using Rust generated Web Assembly for super fast game state checking.

Online Connect 4 Graphic

Connect 4 - Terminal

Terminal Connect 4 Demo

The simple game of Connect 4 which can be played in the terminal.

The game is built using Rust and is the foundation of the online version.

Who's Home


A simple tool that checks if someone is home, if they are then the LED's light up.

The device was built using Arduino and a NodeMCU.

It works by connecting the users phone to the NodeMCU access point with their corresponding light.

When they connect the MAC address of ther users phone is stored and then the NodeMCU will constantly be packet sniffing to see if the users phone is transmitting in the area, if so, then the users light will turn on.

NodeMCU Device

Bird Quest

Bird Quest game screenshot

Bird Quest is a 2D Puzzle Platformer Unity Game in which you play as a mother pukeko who needs to save her chicks who have gotten lost.

This game was group project during summer school at uni in which we only had 6 weeks of development.



A full year uni group software development project with a few stipulations:

  • It had to be developed in C
  • It had to be less than 1000 lines of code
  • It had to run on macOS

As a grup we decided to do a multi-choice text adventure game which ran in the terminal and had many different branching paths. This was quite a difficult project as I was the only developer who knew the C language.

Devolution demo